Social Media Bursts A Pass For Calling Himself a 'Living Legend'

Posted on Oct 10, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass will live to regret ever calling himself a living legend as social media has washed him with criticism now so simple to take.

Going to his social media, Twitter, A Pass put up a tweet that raised so many questions and too much concern from his followers sho refused to agree with him.

"I am a living Legend," - A Pass tweeted.

Some of the reactions that came up from A Pass' followers are seen below:

"Legendary stories are usually myths.... But since we are accustomed to using the word "legend"....tugende nekyo"- Unruly Mukonjo

"Waaaa sijja bikiliza mpaka wonatandika okunaaba"- The Son of Naiga.

"Cos the definition of legend has changed"- Abdu Kareem

"Stop weed"- Freeman

"Bakugambe okujuza Ebaala.."- Luv Nigga.


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