"For Better for Worse, I Stick with Momo 19"- Daxx Kartel Affirms

Posted on February 26, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer Daxx Kartel real names Sulaiman Ssebunya has refused to give up on wife Momo 19, promising to stick with her for better or worse.

The 'Musege' singer showed the utmost kind of transparency while being hosted on CBS FM radio thereby showering endless portions of love to his life and Media Personality, Momo 19 on Friday.

Kartel had the courage to take listeners by surprise as he requested for a romantic song that he dedicated to wholeheartedly to Momo 19.

Accordingly, the singer confessed how he hasn't yet moved any muscle from loving the queen of his heart no wonder he is destined to make it official by walking Momo down the aisle.

It must be remembered that the pair that spent a number of years together living under the same roof and also received an official consent for their bonking sessions as Momo introduced Daxx to her parents in a colorful Kwanjula ceremony scared netizens as their love life almost ended in tears after a reported bitter breakup.

Watch the video below;