"Cheating is an Invisible Ghosts that Haunts All Men, We Get Caught"- Amooti Omubalanguzi

Posted on Sep 14, 2021
By Musaasizi Cornelius
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Comedian Allan mujuni better known as Amooti Omubalanguzi founder of the New Amalura Productions comedy group has come out over Kabuura and Flavia Tumusiime's saga.

The comedian is Flavia's friend in that they both work at two sister radio stations Beat fm and capital Fm respectively. Amooti is also known of featuring in Flavia's live videos on her social media platforms.

Reports came out last weekend showing that Andrew Kabuura was allegedly caught cheating on his wife Flavia Tumusiime. This happened when his conversation that included his cassava pictures and videos that leaked to the internet through a Facebook account called Bwino Bwino.

While on NBS program (Uncut), the comedian revealed that he can't take a blame game towards Kabuura cause he might have got tempted and this happens to everyone, its only that Andrew and Flavia are public figures that's why people have exergerated these things but there are alot of silent majority that haven't been caught but one day we will get caught.

Said Amooti "It's only that these telecom companies like MTN and Airtel keep up our secrets but if they decide to print out people's secrets over love affairs you would find out that even people who you didn't expect like the Muffuti do engage in such saga's"

He narrated. "Flavia is a mature lady that knows how to handle situations, that's why you see keeps on educating girl children on her social media platforms, I've got a feeling that she can handle this in a mature way cause I don't expect her to go on crying everywhere telling the public that she was cheated on,"Amooti revealed.

When asked on what tempts married couples to acts of adultery cause we've been seeing Andrew and Flavia in too much Love? Amooti said that as you know when it comes to that time when women go in for their menstruation periods some take four days and in those four days some of us can't wait for the whole of that time just like how it was in the bible, that God created Adam and then boom in just a short period of time Eve came from nowhere.

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