Tired Stabua Natooro to Form Her Own Music Association to Eat Some Ka-Money

Posted on Jul 22, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Tired of being left out everytime musicians go to Salim Saleh to beg for money, faded musician Stabua Natooro is also going to form her own association to go and beg on her own.

Natoro has hinted on her likeness to form her own Musicians Association so as to benefit from the government's Covid-19 relief fund that is currently being dished out to the local entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry has been crippled for the past 2 years thereby leaving many musicians not performing on stage since the government imposed restrictions on gatherings.

This propelled musicians to resort to begging for money as they are always guests at Gen Salim Saleh's residence in Gulu district.

The "Tujanjawaze" singer is henceforth not happy with the Uganda Musicians Association, UMA which she claims hasn't done enough to lobby funds for creative acts in the industry.

Now like singer Jose Chameleone's Uganda Superstars Association, Natoro has revealed her readiness of capitalising on her numbers to come up with her own musicians association so that she can too benefit from government resources.

"I am going to start my own Musicians Association because the existing ones like UMA have not helped musicians, they are just eating money. Good enough I have a group of 50 singers, its better to start up with these so that we can also benefit from the government help. UMA as an association is just composed of greedy people who till now have not helped us as musicians apart from bettering their bank accounts," said Stabua Natoro during an exclusive interview with a local TV station.

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