"Lwasa Chewed Nabatanzi For 5 Years But Never Gave Him Any Child"- Angel Stings Ex Co-Wife

Posted on Jul 20, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Masaka city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi's wife, Angel Kwokunda has surprisingly hit hard at her co-wife Diana Nabatanzi for failure to give Lwasa a child for the 5 good years that she spent with her.

While reacting to the current talk on social media where revelers always hit hard at her for marrying Lwasa Mayinja because of his money in addition to l failure to produce for him, the Luwero born beauty queen has fired back to critics as she faulted their negativity towards her new love life.

During an exclusive interview with a local Television in town, Angel has once again clearly stated how she didn't hook up with Lwasa for money but only true love.

Angel has cautioned even keyboards to take heart and stop demanding her to produce children for Lwasa after all her predecessor failed to do so even after staying with the renowned Casanova for 5 good years.

"Its because of the good will of my husband that I'm being blessed with all his riches no wonder giving him children should be the first priority now. If anyone has a share on my husband's riches which u accuse me of plotting to steal, then u should come up and collect your share. If the issue is all about giving Lwasa children, I need to be given a break after all Diana Nabatanzi failed after spending 5 good years with him."- Angel Kwokunda.

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