HORRIBLE: How Mowzey Radio Was Murdered After Finding Out that they Wanted to Poison Him

Posted on Sep 23, 2019
By Editor
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Ever since Ugandan Songwriter and Singer Sekibogo Moses Nakintije who was commonly known as Mowzey Radio got admitted at Case Clinic in a critical condition, so many non-corresponding reports have been raised not only from Case Clinic but also from the people he was hanging out with especially Producer Washington, Pamella and his manager Chagga Geoffrey.

Mowzey Radio got admitted at Rubaga Road based Case Clinic on the 23rd of January 2018 at approximately 4am and the first report that came out was from his manager called Chagga Geofrrey who narrated that Radio had gotten into a bar fight with a bouncer hence getting beaten up to an extent of ending up in coma.

After Chagga’s report, a lot of concern got raised up by not only critics but also from concerned Ugandans who loved Radio after the Public report a one PAMELA issued out on a live televised interview claiming that he was with Producer Washington by the time Radio got into a fight.

Our team has been carrying out some under cover investigations ever since Radio got beaten up and announced 7 days later and below are our findings.


According to different public reports made by eye witnesses; Washington, Pamela, Godfrey Troy Wamala and our investigations, all their statements are contradicting themselves but we’ve been able to get to the truth.

Apparently, Radio left Makindye with Washington and headed to Entebbe to pay the engineer handling construction works at his site mansion (the same engineer who gave Radio’s phone number to Pamela a few months ago) and upon reaching Entebbe the engineer had already left to the query to buy some stones so he never met Radio.

As Radio was still at the site with Washington, Pamella called him and asked him to get to “De Bar” to grab a few drinks with him, a request Radio agreed to so he asked Washington to go with him since they weren’t supposed to over stay there.


Upon arriving at De Bar at around 5:30PM-6PM, Washington says that he begged Radio to leave the bar and head back to Kampala but Radio refused as he insisted to have just a few drinks then they leave and since Washington claims that he does not drink alcohol, he left Radio alone in the bar with Pamela and he went back to the car for about 10 Minutes.

While inside De Bar, Radio, Pamela and her friends had a few beers but later on the bar manager  Hassan Muwonge asked them to change the table and sit on an empty one located in a corner, to which Radio agreed and as they sat there, an already opened bottle of Red Label Whiskey was offered to Radio.

Radio got the bottle, opened it and poured it into his glass and according to the Police Statement Troy gave when Police captured him, he isn’t sure whether Radio sipped on the whiskey but he pulled out UGX 100k and put it on the table furiously asking everyone he was seated with to also pull out their money. “Radio was so furious after finding out that something was wrong with the whiskey they had offered him.” said Troy

Later on Radio got the bottle of Red Label and started pouring the remaining liquor into the glasses of everyone on the table while shouting, so the bar manager came asking what was wrong and since he is the one that had offered Radio a free bottle of Red Label, Radio also became more aggressive and spilled the liquor allover the manager.


Furiously head over heals, the Bar Owner asked two bouncers to escort Radio out of the bar and as they were passing through the corridor to get out Radio saw Washington coming back to the bar so he asked him to leave with him.

As they were walking out of the bar, Washington narrates that a bouncer called “Troy”(even though he had never met or talked to him) came behind them, lifted Radio up and threw him onto the ground and smashed his skull open (even though no spot of blood was spotted at the crime scene.)

The fact whether Radio died instantly or after reaching Case Clinic is still in Question but eye witnesses say that they never saw him move an inch.


Apparently, Godfrey Wamala aka Troy is a common face in “De Bar” and everyone knows him and by the time the whole scandal happened he was in the bar and he was the first person that came out and found Radio lying on the floor with other watchers outside surrounding him with Washington.

Troy said in a police interrogation that he left the bar, went to his friend’s home and started playing Video Games.


According to the reports we got, the whole bar brawl happened in the early hours of the night but according to the statement released by Case Clinic and Chagga, Radio got admitted at around 4am in the morning, so the question is, What Happened in between all those hours?

Washington narrated that with the help of Pamela, he lifted up Radio, put him into his car and drove him to Emanuel hospital in Entebbe where the doctors refused to admit him from since they didn’t have a CT Scan so they reffered Radio to Nsambya hospital (Washington says that it took them only 15 Minutes to reach Nsambya Hospital which is about 40.6 km)

Upon Reaching Nsambya Hospital in the woe hours of the night, the on duty doctors claimed that their ICU was full and they couldn’t admit anyone else so they also referred them to Case Clinic where Radio was finally accepted at 4am.


Who tried or poisoned Radio (since we are not sure whether he drunk the whiskey or not) is still the question on the table that our team is still trying to dig up. Meanwhile, Police is also still trying to do more investigations as they have Troy in custody, the bar manager and the owner.

De Bar where everything took place from is still closed as Entebbe Municipality took away their working license the exact day Radio died on 1st February.

According to a postmortem report about Radio’s death, it says that Radio had passed on 7 days earlier before Case Clinic coming out to announce him dead.

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