Daddy Andre Speaks Out About His Love For Chewing Struggling Musicians (VIDEO)

Posted on Mar 27, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Embattled singer, music producer and songwriter Ojambo Andrew commonly known as Daddy Andre has finally spoken out about his endless lust for women's sumbies.

Given the fact that the "Sikikukwekwa" singer is currently involved in saga of s3xual harassment as he is being accused by upcoming female musician Nadia Rania, Blizz Uganda has ascertained the real gist as to why the later will die trying to feast on many city sumbies as much as possible.

During an exclusive interview with NBS TV's UNCUT gossip show, Daddy Andre has gone on record by revealing that he is always tempted to crush on several female musicians simply because its the exact pipeline from where he will meet his future wife.

Watch the Video Below:

Though many had been alleging how Andre has too much lust for women to the extent of being tempted to put his bedroom in his music studio as a trap for female customers yet he is seeing someone, songbird Angella Katatumba, Daddy Andre has been frank in response to the rumour by claiming that he hasn't yet walked down the aisle with any woman and given the fact that he isn't gay, his struggle to find 'Mrs Right' is still on.

I'm not gay. I am lustful to women caz it's where I will single out the queen of my heart to walk down the aisle with. As long as you grow above eighteen, its personal to love women no wonder there is no problem crushing on someone so long as you've not raped her.

Daddy Andre has also refuted allegations by Nadia Rania that he tried to encroach her private parts while the later were in studio thereby preferring to keep silent since the matters are already in courts of law.

"Nadia will provide you with the evidence since the matter is already in courts of law. I know nothing may be she will have a lot to explain about that as she tussles it out with my lawyers but as of now, I'm innocent about that," stated Daddy Andre.

Check out the video below;


Daddy Andre Exposed, Screenshots of Him Begging For Nadia's Sumbie Leak (VIDEO)

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