Flavia Tumusiime Takes Off Her Wedding Ring, Deletes All Husband's Photos

Posted on Feb 04, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Media personality Flavia Tumusiime's marriage with fellow NTV Worker Andrew Kabuura seems to be in jeopady after taking off her wedding ring and deleting all his pictures from her social media.

According to Reports, Flavia has just given her followers something complex to think about after allegedly deleting all her photos with hubby Kabuura on Instagram.

Flavia had in the past uploaded both her wedding and casual photos with hubby Kabuura on Instagram but recently gave her followers a shocker when she decided to delete  all of them with no clear reason.

Flavia’s decision to allegedly delete the pictures on Instagram comes at the time when her hubby Kabuura was seen flirting with renown local singer Sheebah Karungi.

While emceeing at the Guinness smooth launch two weeks ago Kabuura was seen blushing at a compliment Sheebah threw at him when she politely inquired if he was a brother to South African comedian trevor Noah.It is now alleged that Flavia might have become jealousy after seeing her man being likened to Trevor Noah by a sexy musician like Sheebah Karungi.

To make matter even more complicated the the highly ambitious news anchor was seen not wearing her ring while reading yesterday’s  9pm news on NTV.

The famous radio presenter has always been proud showing off her wedding ring almost every day but then left many followers on social media amused when she appeared on set yesterday evening with no ring on her finger.


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