List Of the Top 10 Best DJ’s in Uganda 2019

Posted on Dec 30, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Top 10

At the rate at which the Ugandan music industry if fastly growing, one might think the work is mostly done by only musicians forgetting the people mostly behind the music circulation and letting the people know about the songs, which are the Deejays. Blizz Uganda team of experts has helped put together a List of the top best Deejay’s in Uganda for the year 2019 in their best order.

Below is the List of the best Ugandan DJ’s 2019:

1. DJ Slickstuart and Roja:

The DJ Slick Stuart and Roja have still managed to keep their position in the Music industry of Uganda, as the biggest DJ duo that has released hit songs and mixed music for the lovers and revelers to the maximum. Among the songs these two have released in 2019 include “More of This” featuring Rema Namakula and “Sunday” featuring Toniks.

2. DJ Ali Breezy:

Proving steadily that he deserves much respect for the love and passion he has put in the game, DJ Ali Breezy has proven that he is undoubtedly the biggest teens DJ and one of the most favorites we have on Radio, XFM and Bukedde FM. His weekly Kampala Sun countdowns have also made him bigger this year. Ali has also headlined so many big events this year including Bell All Star Tour and Mirinda Miss Teen making him our number 2 on this list.

3. Selector Jay:

Mostly known for his deejaying skills in probably the biggest night spot in Kampala, Club Guvnor, Selector Jay has also had a really great year 2019 as he also got to stage his very first music show. He has worked in other different bars and also was part of the Johnny Walker team as the brand ambassador touring the whole of Uganda.

4. DVJ Mercy Pro:

Well known for his daily TV Gig on NBS Television’s After 5 Show and Katchup, DVJ Mercy Pro has had an incredible year 2019 with so many big events headlined and night themes in different city bars including Fame, Wave, Pearl of Africa and many others. He is also undoubtedly one of the people’s favorites Deejays in Kampala.

5. DJ Nimrod:

There is no arguing about DJ Nimrod. Over the past few years he has been fighting for his spot and today he has earned it.  Staged successful shows including DJ Nimrod All White Party, hosted different big events as a DJ and an MC, played the most powerful mixes on Galaxy FM and different city clubs. Nimrod has come in on number 5 this year.

6. DJ Shiru:

The legend who has stood the test of time could not miss out on our list of the top favorite and best Deejay’s in Uganda this year. Shiru has worked so hard with not only the local people but also internationally as he has toured the world promoting Ugandan music and still holding his position. He has also released different hit songs as a featuring dj and also Bukedde TV presenter.

7. DJ Suuna Ben:

There’s no way you can talk about the biggest Ugandan deejays of 2019 and leave out Suuna Ben. Even though he is not so popular in the urban centers, Suuna Ben is one of the people’s most favorite local DJ’s of 2019. He works on Bukedde FM and has staged so many big events of his own, call them “One Man Shows” in stadiums pulling off big crowds. You can never skip his name.

8. DJ Naselow:

Well known for his Deejaying and Mceiing skills, Naselow is another talent that turned bigger in 2018 with always turning up the parties in Clubs with his amazing microphone and music selection technics. He is also another urban DJ.

9. DJ Kas Baby:

Upholding his position as one of the urban Club Deejays in Kampala, DJ Kas Baby is the official DJ of Panamera, legends, liquid silk naalya & XfmUG. His work also speaks for itself and still has a bright journey to walk in the industry.

10. DJ Ciza:

DJ Ciza,, also known as Muzukulu Wa Decka has also done great this year with alot of visible work including his big collabo with Co Sign, he has played on most of the biggest events in the country, both international and local. he also plays on Radio city and some of the biggest night clubs in the country.


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