"Rema had to bring my invitation at home, she is so disrespectful and can never change"- Bebe Cool

Posted on Nov 18, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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More revelations are coming out as to why Big Size Bebe Cool faulted his attendance at his daughter, songbird Rema Namakula's 'Intro' ceremony that went down last week in Nabbingo.

According to the Gagamel Music Band CEO, 'Maama Aamaal' turned too indiscipline and disrespectful to him as she invited him for her ceremony no wonder him and family had to turn down her request.

Being her music father, a person who laid a big foundation stone to Rema Namakula's successful music story, the 'Wire Wire' singer claims he couldn't entertain the disrespect and indiscipline of the Highest Order from the 'Lean on Me' singer to send him an introduction invitation letter just like that yet she knew his place of residence.

As a disciplined and properly mentored daughter, Bebe Cool believes Rema should have travelled to his home and formerly put in her request for the later to attend her introduction ceremony no wonder he learnt of the ceremony on Friday yet it went down on Thursday 14th November at Nabbingo.

"I'm till now wondering how disrespectful and ill-mannered Rema Namakula is. Caz as a disciplined daughter, I expected her to bring her introduction invitation letter to my place of residence physically and beg formerly for my presence at her ceremony. No wonder I got to learn of her ceremony later on Friday," Said Bebe Cool during an interview with Radio Sapientia's Selector Williams.

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