Does the house really belong to the Ghetto Kids or their manager Kavuma Dauda? Unmasking the truth

Posted on Nov 10, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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As the entertainment industry and the country at large push on with the "Save Triplets Ghetto Kids House" campaign, shocking revelations coming up show that the Triplets Ghetto Kids have never owned a house in Kampala.

With the 'Save Triplets Ghetto Kids House' receiving enough boast after being kick started by singer Spice Diana to see how given stake holders can join forces with the talented dancers to save their house from being taken over by their seller.

Its really worrying to learn that in the purchase of the controversial asset, the details of the land title and house are only in the names of manager Dauda Kavuma something that is creating tension and suspicion among revelers alleging that this might have been the reason as to why American singer French Montana failed to help any further because of the politics embedded in this deal.

Given the fact that its their shelter, one would expect that the documents of the house purchase front the names of the real buyers; Triplets Ghetto Kids but surprisingly, the whole process was manipulated by their manager Dauda mention the last acknowledgement of Payment receipt that was cleared in October last year shows the Ghetto Kids being excluded from the agreement as its only their manager Dauda Kavuma and his brother Kavuma Francis who appear on the initiation of the payment process to a one landlord known as Sekatawa Mansuur. 

As concerned people try out to see how best they can save the kids’ house through her social media and different interviews and a fundraising drive for UGx 120Million to complete payments, of the Ghetto Kids house located at Salaama Road, there should be some due diligence and sanity in the purchase of this house to avoid the future repercussions.

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Who is the real owner of this house?

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Triplets Ghetto Kids On Verge Of Loosing their House After Failing to Complete Payments

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