Sweet Moments You Missed as Rapper Don MC Delivered Dowery to Lover Staicy Kyaks Nkwanzi’s Parents

Posted on July 11, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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After almost a full decade of officially dating, Rapper Rugambwa Rutaisire Donald aka Don Mc Kapata finally delivered Dowry to the parents of lover Staicy Kyaks Nkwanzi during a customary ceremony known as “Okureta Enjugano”. Here we give you what you missed:

According to posted put up by the rapper himself, the ceremony took place over the weekend after the couple’s engagement which successfully happened at the start of 2022 hence getting ready to legalize things.

He posted and revealed how he had finally fulfilled the promise he made to Staicy's parents as they get ready to walking down the aisle, with the “Okureta Enjugano” ceremony.

The ceremony was held at Staicy Kyaks Nkwanzi’s parents’ home in Kiruhura in western Uganda.

In a video shared on Don Mc Kapata’s Instagram account, he could be seen sorting out the best cows among his cattle to be delivered as dowry as a token of appreciation to his fiance’s parents.

Over the weekend me and the boys made way to
KIRUHURA to take dowry to my Mukyaala’s Family (Okureeta Enjugano)..in that video I was sorting out which cows to take.

Watch the video below: