Doctors Decry Gravity Omutujju and Shakira Shakira's ‘Doozi’ Video, Ask UCC to Ban it Immediately

Posted on July 08, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Uganda's medical community is up in arms over the new music video for "Doozi" by rapper Gravity Omutujju and featuring Shakira Shakira. Released just days ago, the video sees Gravity donning a doctor's coat and stethoscope as he examines a provocatively posing Shakira.

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) has voiced strong disapproval, arguing that the video is both inappropriate and damaging to the profession's image. UMA chairman Dr. Kaweru stated, "The portrayal is ugly and offensive. It suggests that our medical practices are unethical, which is far from the truth."

In response to these concerns, Dr. Kaweru announced plans to formally request that the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) ban the video on moral grounds. 

"We feel our profession is being misrepresented," he added. "This isn't what happens in examination rooms, and it's crucial to maintain public trust in medical professionals."

The "Doozi" video, featuring sexually suggestive imagery and actions, has sparked significant controversy. Photos circulating on social media have only fueled the fire, depicting Gravity Omutujju in a questionable light. 

The UMA's move to involve the UCC underscores the seriousness with which they view the video's impact on the medical community's reputation.