NRG Radio Uganda Sets the Record Straight: ‘Etania Ndagire is Here to Stay Nomatter the Rumors’

Posted on July 05, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

NRG Radio Uganda has officially debunked rumors about the termination of their renowned deejay and femcee, Etania Ndagire, famously known as "Life of the Party," affirm that she's not going anywhere.

Earlier this week, the internet was ablaze with news of Etania's supposed firing, complete with a leaked letter that cited "indiscipline" as the reason for her termination. The letter also demanded that she return all company property and await compensation.

However, NRG Radio Uganda took to their X account early Friday to clear the air. "Rumor Debunked! Etania remains part of the NRG family and will be back on air after her Nairobi tour!" they announced, adding a touch of humor and reassurance for Etania's fans.

The radio station emphasized that the circulating letter was nothing more than a doctored document and does not reflect the station’s values or treatment of their talent. 

They praised Etania for her exceptional representation of the NRG brand, stating, "Etania is an exceptional person who embodies the ethos of our brand and always exceeds our expectations…We don’t fire talent; we get fired up for the next generation of stars. Etania is here to stay."