Ava Peace and Willar Stary Re-do Halimah Namakula‘s ‘Kibuga‘ Song, Give it an Urban Touch

Posted on June 14, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Through an exciting musical revival, artists Ava Peace and Willar Stary have teamed up to reimagine Halimah Namakula's classic hit "Kibuga Tonkutula." Released under Risky Music Entertainment and TNS, the two musicians teamed up for this new beautiful track.

Produced by the renowned Artin On the Beat, the revamped "Kibuga" infuses an urban dancehall vibe, breathing new life into Namakula's beloved tune. Fans of both the original and contemporary music scenes are praising the fresh, modern twist that stays true to the essence of the original.

This collaboration not only showcases the talents of two rising stars in the music industry but also pays homage to one of Uganda's veteran singers.

"Kibuga" new song has been met with a good reception, highlighting the seamless blend of Ava Peace's smooth vocals and Willar Stary's dynamic energy as they release their masterpeace. Their combined efforts bring a unique sound that appeals to both long-time fans of Halimah Namakula and new listeners who enjoy contemporary urban dancehall.

Download the audio below:

Kibuga - Ava Peace ft. Willar Stary Mp3 Download

Critics and fans alike have noted the song's catchy beat and modern production quality, crediting Artin On the Beat for his skillful work behind the scenes. 

Ava Peace, known for her versatility and emotive performances, and Willar Stary, known for his distinctive style and lyrical maturity, have proven to be a formidable duo.

Watch the new video below: