Stecia Mayanja Announces Retirement and Move to Canada After Bitter Witchcraft in Uganda

Posted on June 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Renowned singer and actress Stecia Mayanja has officially announced her retirement from the music industry and her relocation to Canada, marking the end of an era for her fans worldwide.

Mayanja, celebrated for her extensive repertoire of love songs and captivating performances, shared her heartfelt decision during a recent live stream. She revealed that her move to Canada fulfills a long-held dream, one she envisioned for years while imagining a better life for herself and her children in a country that has brought her immense joy.

The decision to retire and relocate was also influenced by her health challenges. A few years ago, Mayanja faced a series of peculiar illnesses that led to multiple ICU admissions.

Well-wishers rallied around her, raising funds for her to travel to Canada for specialized treatment. The singer was battling severe headaches and high blood pressure, conditions that necessitated advanced medical care unavailable in her home country of Uganda.

"I am grateful that my dreams have come true," Mayanja shared, expressing her contentment with her new life in Canada. 

In addition to her personal health struggles, Mayanja cited difficulties within the Ugandan music industry as a factor in her decision to retire. She spoke candidly about the challenges she faced as an active musician, hinting at a lack of support and the industry's demanding nature.