Ladies! Here are 5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Man When He’s Busy Chewing You

Posted on May 18, 2024
By Dj Sadam
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Relationships & Dating

Here we list for you top things a woman should avoid saying to her man whenever he's busy chewing you, things that could ruin the moment and leave you dripping all the way to the "Ka Tap", (Kadaama's know better.)

Below is the full List Blizz Uganda has put together for you:

1. Do you love me?

As you might have heard, okwepicha is more physical for men and emotional for women. And while clarifying issues of the heart is not a bad thing, many men would rather have you discuss it before or after the action… not during.

Emotional matters are best left out during that moment.

2. What are we now?

This is another example of how women quickly merge and emotions [mind you, no one is saying it’s a bad thing.]

Women usually reserve this question till after, but for some reason, some babes pop it during the act. Let’s assume you didn’t know men find it unpleasing. Now you do. So, maybe stop it?

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3. What are you trying to do?

This is after you have probably been kissing and touching his body and letting him feel yours for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Please, ladies, stop asking this question because, of course, you know he’s not trying to undress you for academic or medical purposes! So why ruin the moment with this kind of question?

Knowing when to ask questions, and when not to, is so important.

4. Do you think I’m overweight?

Weight is one sensitive issue that many women are insecure about and this, of course, is what makes them ask the question.

But, hey, aren’t y’all having kwepicha already? Doesn’t that tell you that he has no qualms about what your body looks or feels like?

It’s better to clear this issue before you both get temwambade. Seriously. Besides, there are men who love big women. When in doubt, just assume he's one of those guys and enjoy the moment.

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Even if he now happens to not like your body, the best time to discuss it is not during bedminton. Wait till afterwards.

5. What about the money I asked for?

LOL. Think this is just plain and simple blackmail, really. Women know men would say and grant any request during that moment and they just exploit it.

Later, these same women will say men are scum.