Victor Ruz’s Phone Snatched by Thieves; Scammers Target Contacts for Money (VIDEO)

Posted on April 07, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Victor Ruz fell victim to a late-night phone theft, to unknown thugs who are now making calls to his to contacts trying to scam them for money, he has recorded this emotional video announcing a huge prize to anyone who comes across it as it has alot of documents on the storage.

Victor Ruz, accompanied by friends in a car, found himself at the center of the drama as two assailants on a motorcycle swiftly snatched his phone through an open car window. Witnesses described the motorcycle as a red Bajaj Boxer, devoid of any identifiable number plate, further complicating efforts to trace the culprits.

"I tried chasing the thieves, but they quickly disappeared into a narrow alley where our car couldn't follow," lamented Ruz's driver to Blizz Uganda.

The aftermath of the theft took an unexpected turn as the perpetrators began contacting numbers stored on Ruz's phone, attempting to extort money from unsuspecting acquaintances. The situation prompted Ruz to take action, reporting the incident to the telecommunications company to mitigate further damage.

Speaking exclusively through his booking number, Ruz expressed his dismay, stating, "Esimu yange baajibye" (translated: "My phone has been stolen"), urging caution among his followers and the general public.

In a video shared on social media platforms, the distraught star recounted the theft, highlighting the vulnerability of personal data stored on the stolen device. With a note of desperation, Ruz implored anyone who came across the phone, particularly in areas like Kikuubo and Kiseka, to either report it immediately or face the consequences of doubling incurred costs.

Watch the video below: