Muhammad Ssegirinya Reportedly Regains Conciousness After 3 Months in Nairobi Hospital

Posted on March 29, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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The health condition of Muhammad Ssegirinya, the Member of Parliament for Kawempe North, has seen significant improvement, according to his personal assistant, Alex Lubwemba. Despite swirling rumors of his demise, Ssegirinya's health has been steadily on the mend.

Ssegirinya's medical journey took him to the Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya last August, where he underwent treatment for a host of ailments, including skin cancer and gastrointestinal complications. Since then, he has been battling health challenges, which were exacerbated by his release from Luzira prison two years ago.

Alex Lubwemba shared that Ssegirinya has made remarkable progress under intensive medical management. The legislator has regained his ability to speak, eat, walk, and even recognize visitors, marking a significant improvement from his previous condition.

Last year saw a particularly rough patch for Ssegirinya, as his health deteriorated to the extent that he required transfer to the Amsterdam UMC Hospital in the Netherlands after initial treatment in Germany.

Following a series of treatments for various ailments, he was discharged in September, only to face another setback shortly after, necessitating his admission to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.