6 Killaz Weak Attempt at a Mega Collabo 'Kukyakala Na Kubwa' Greatly Disappoints Fans

Posted on March 01, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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When Ugandans saw an overly hyped song called 'Kukyakala Na Kubwa', featuring top female musicians Ava Peace, Jowy Landa, Nandor Love, Zafaran, Recho Rey, and Nina Roz, everyone thought they would come up with a legendary song but to dissapoint, they cam up with a weakly disappointing song.

The brainchild of renowned music manager Jeff Kiwa, 'Kukyakala Na Kubwa' was touted as a potential chart-topper, blending elements of dancehall and afrobeat in a collaboration aptly named '6 Killerz.' Kiwa, a trusted confidant of the involved artists, was expected to harness the combined star power to create a legendary musical masterpiece. Alas, the result has been met with criticism from fans who expected more.

Upon the official release, fans quickly took to various platforms to express their disappointment, citing lackluster beats, weak lyrics, and a non-vibrant music video as the primary culprits behind their dissatisfaction.

Despite the artists' individual prowess, the synergy in 'Kukyakala Na Kubwa' failed to meet the heightened expectations set by the pre-release hype.

As social media platforms buzzed with commentary on the lackluster collaboration, it became apparent that the '6 Killerz' failed to strike the right chord with their audience. The disappointment was great, given the significant anticipation leading up to the release.

Watch the video below: