Geosteady Drops Love Bomb in New Hit 'Amaanyi' Featuring Real-Life Flame Hindu Kay, Watch

Posted on November 24, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ugandan sensation Geosteady, known offstage as Hassan Kigozi, has taken the unconventional route by featuring his current flame, Hindu Kay, in his latest musical masterpiece, 'Amaanyi'.

While it's not uncommon for artists to feature eye-catching vixens in their videos, Geosteady has broken the mold by showcasing his real-life romantic connection in the spotlight. This move aligns him with the likes of Bebe Cool, Ykee Benda, and Bobi Wine, who have all explored the concept in their work.

Geosteady, who previously enlisted his ex-lover as a vixen in the visuals for his 2022 hit 'Sembera', has upped the ante by featuring Hindu Kay in a more central role in 'Amaanyi'.

The lovebirds kindled their romance following Geosteady's separation from his long-time partner and baby mama, Prima Kardashi. The new track, a melodious love anthem, beautifully blends Hindu Kay's vocals with Geosteady's signature smooth flow, promising an abundance of love between the two.

Produced by the talented Bass Boi, the music video, directed by KD on Lens, is a visual feast of romance. The chemistry between Geosteady and Hindu Kay is palpable, creating an enchanting narrative that complements the soulful beats of 'Amaanyi'.

Fans are already buzzing with excitement over this unexpected musical duo, proving that Geosteady's ability to blend personal relationships with professional artistry is a recipe for success. As the 'Amaanyi' sensation continues to captivate audiences, the love story of Geosteady and Hindu Kay unfolds in a harmonious melody that promises to keep hearts aflutter.