"Before My Father Died, He Told Me that Sheebah Njagala Samalie Karungi is my Sister"- Woman Claims

Posted on October 11, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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A young woman, Shifra Kalungi, has come out and made some startling claims about singer Sheebah Karungi. She claims that her father told her to look for her lost sister just before his death.

Shifra Kalungi has recently come forward, asserting that Sheebah Karungi's real name is not what we all thought. Now she insists that the singer's true names are Sheebah Samalie Karungi! So, what's the scoop behind this revelation?

It turns out that Shifra Kalungi's late father divulged this secret to her before he passed away. There's more to this twisty tale! Shifra admitted to halting her education at senior two and now has dreams of Sheebah swooping in to save the day and sending her back to school.

Shifra claims that it's not just admiration; she believes there's a blood connection to the queen of karma, Sheebah herself! She's crying out for Sheebah to notice her and wants to start living the life of sisters. The big question now is, how will Sheebah react to this sensational revelation?

But wait, there's more! Songstress Lydia Jazmine, ever the voice of reason, chimed in on this drama-filled situation. She revealed that Shifra pulled a similar stunt last year, claiming to be her sister, but later flip-flopped, alleging she was sent by a shadowy figure to frame her.

Jazmine has a word of caution for Sheebah and co. this time around: "Handle her properly." She's willing to spill the tea, revealing who's pulling Shifra's strings and even offering some mental support. It's all happening in the world of celebrity sibling surprises!

Watch her speak out below: