Popular Cartoonist Jimmy Spire Ssentongo Worried for His Life After Receiving Life Threats

Posted on May 24, 2023
By Editor
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Popular cartoonist called Jimmy Spire Ssentongo, well known for expressing his worry over his life following a successful spell of social media exhibitions against government institutions that have been going viral.

Through social media, reports have come out alleging that Spire is currently worried for his life after landing on different intelligence info targeting his life.

The self-proclaimed campaigner for social justice has been using the Twitter social media platform to highlight the plight of Uganda government institutions for correction.

Spire started with an exhibition highlighting the unpalatable state of the roads in Kampala City, he then started another exhibition exposing the poor state of Uganda’s hospitals and medical centres, before finally co-exposing the sorry state of Uganda’s security personnel.

However, on Wednesday, just two days into the security exhibition, Spire hinted at “evil plans aimed at me,” citing that he would be going silent on the campaign and hoping in future, his works will be taken up by others.

"I’m aware of evil plans aimed at me. Well, I’ve made my humble contribution. I hope this country traces its soul. I hope a time comes when we ask ourselves: Is this the best we can be? I leave now…” he wrote.

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