Victor Kamenyo Pockets 400k from a Promoter, Switches Off Phone and Refuses to Show Up for Performance

Posted on Apr 20, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Rapper Victor Kamenyo was reportedly hired by a promoter called Amos Arinabo to perform alongside TikTokers in Bukomero but he disappeared after pocketing booking fees, switched off his phones and even failed to turn up for the event.

According to info we received, Derrick Katongole, popularly known as Victor Kamenyo pocketed Four hundred thousand shillings (UGx. 400k) for a musical performance.

Kamenyo was booked to headline as show dubbed ” Entujju ya Bayimbi mu ba Tiktokers ” in Bukomero but he disappeared after pocketing the dime from the promoter and even switched off his mobile phones.

According to Mr. Amos, the promoter who hired Kamenyo, he embarked on calling the singer to demand a refund but that he resolutely refused to pick his calls.

Amos claimed that he spent Ugx 2M on the event and anticipated making at least Ugx 4M, but none of this was ever realized because Kamenyo’s absence caused the show to flop.

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