Nince Henry Narrates the First Time He Drunk 'Chai We'njayi', He Almost Died of a Heart Attack

Posted on March 29, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Renown singer and songwriter Nince Henry has narrated how someone dragged him and almost took his life when he gave him chai we'njayi tea in a certain Kololo bar which prompted him to drive back to his crib in Ntinda like a mad person.

Through his Facebook page, Henry narrated that he almost died but his sister ran to his rescue and saved him.

Nince Henry has been saying he has never taken drugs in his life and someone went behind him to make sure he takes them and knows how it feels.

In a long post, Nince Henry revealed that he was drugged from a place in Kololo where he had gone to chill out with some of his boys.

He saw them taking tea and when he tried things turned out the other way around because he didn’t know there were drugs in it.

According to Nince Henry, people are busy baking birthday cakes with marijuana in them and one day someone will die from a party.

Those flasks moving around kampala one day almost killed me!
So I get to my boys at Kololo for chill and here is a flask and everyone is having tiny Chinese-like cup in hand!
“Niggas wagwaan”?
Nywako Ivan atugulide!
“Ah mpa akakopo bangamba dda nti lino liba dagala”
So I poured in and the taste wasn’t that nice. When I asked for sugar, Naurice told me to “just drink nawe ate oba otegede dagala”. I didn’t drink much cse man byaali tebiwooma!
After three hours, I started feeling my head like on a spin!
Everything was going so faaaasttt so I chose to drive back home!
From Kololo to Ntinda it took me 2minutes and I was on my gate! Out of the car bang into the house and I asked for a glass of water.
I can tell you I didn’t drink that water!
I literally opened my mouth and poured it empty in!
Within 10minutes I had walked about 10miles just within my sitting room!
The situation was just beginning to get worse.
Opened my bedroom and threw myself onto the bed! Then this light was too much!
I need darkness so I can sleep!
I switched the light off but this is crazy!
I swear to God the light refused to go off.
With the lamp off, I could still see light in the room!
I want you to look in one place and start blinking so fast. You just did?
That’s exactly how I was seeing everything going!
Rushed out of the bedroom back to the sitting room and back to the bedroom 50times in like 1minute!
I was the fastest person on earth!
Did you watch SMALLVILLE? I was Clark Kent mwana!
But indeed I was dying!
God who told my sister Carol to call me at that moment?
I picked the phone shouting. “Iam dying Carol Iam dying.
Carol asks me what happened. Told her I took tea. “OhmyGod bakuwede enjaga” she cried.
“Stay on phone and tell that boy to drive you fast to the clinic”
No Carol I can drive myself.
Within a blink I was at LIFELINK and I stormed the reception shouting “Iam dying Iam dying” with my sister on loud speaker she said let me talk to the nurses.
I don’t know what she told them to do but next thing I saw three guys wrestling me down to a ka bed and I was put on two drips at once!
Whatever was injected in those bottles I don’t know:
I was talking so fast and so loud!
I remember telling the doctor at that moment. “Guyz don’t call news people here”
Yoooh I started stabilizing slowly and after like four bottles I was back to my senses!
The doctor told me that had I been later for only 20mins I was gonna go into a Cardiac arrest!
Mbu my heart was pumping so fast.
I survived Chayi wenjayi like that.
Guyz enjaga siyabuli omu!
But these people in Kampala will kill people and one day a crowd at a birthday party will all die like you think it’s a joke!
People are making birthday cakes with weed and serving them at parties.
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