Ykee Benda pens down a tear stimulating letter to Ugandans in diaspora, read it

Ykee Benda
Ykee Benda

What a way of instilling hope in the Ugandan community working in the diaspora by singer Ykee Benda after coming out on Thursday 15th to dedicate them a heartwarming prayer so as the Almighty guides them in the due course of their hustles during their in the foreign land.

A lot of Ugandans operating their trade in the diaspora especially in the Middle East countries have for the past years been subjected to serious torture by their bosses hence leading to death in the due course of fulfilling their obligations and despite various parties coming up to halt the further export of labour to the diaspora, brave Ugandans are still making the queue to go and hustle for a living given the rampant unemployment in code 256.

Though more civilized economies that know the value of remittances from those in the diaspora protect their citizens abroad against all sorts of maltreatment, little has been done by the Ugandan government to ensure that diaspora Ugandans are protected against harm and all the harsh conditions that corner them into losing their lives despite the fact that Uganda earns millions of dollars per month from Ugandans working in the Gulf alone.

The emotional ‘Kireka Boy’ has ended up dedicating the souls and works of these brothers and sisters of ours doing their trade in their diaspora to the Almighty to make their hustles count in a safe and a healthy environment.

“Dear God, please protect my brothers and sisters who are making their hustles in the diaspora and make their hustles count,keep them safe and healthy.
Let all of them come back home happy and alive to meet their families they hustle for Amen.
To you my sisters and brothers out in diaspora, I hear the challenges u go through but please know that I pray for you everyday and God cant dissapoint me. Keep up the hustle spirit. Love you all
Tag them all, Tell them mbagala nyo ela mbasabila nyo,” Said the ‘Maradona’ singer through his social media Facebook platform.