Why Diamond Platnumz was banned from performing in Tanzania

Diamond Platnumz crying
Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian pop star Diamond Platnumz has been banned from performing in Tanzania after he played a song which the authorities had banned for being s3xually suggestive song called Mwanza which contains the Swahili word for “h0rny”, and dancers are seen in a video simulating s3x.

Diamond Platnumz had treated the ban with “disdain” by singing the lyrics at a concert, the arts regulator said so he has been dogged by controversy in recent years.

Tanzania’s arts regulator, Basata, said Diamond Platnumz would also be banned from performing abroad, but it is unclear how it would enforce this. The ban also applied to Rayvanny, another local musician who features in Mwanza.

“We have reached the decision because the two musicians have treated our directive with disdain,” Basata said in a statement.