Weasel Manizo’s girlfriend gives birth to a baby boy, names him after AK47

Weasel Manizo's girlfriend gives birth to a baby boy

Goodlyfe singer Weaseal Manizo and his long term girlfriend Talia Kassim Mayanja have welcomed a bouncing baby boy whom they have already names Emmanuel Douglas Mayanja.

After breaking up with his ex lover and baby mama Samira Tumi, Weasel Manizo found love again and hooked up with Talia Kassim with whom he now has two kids together, the new born Emmanuel and their daughter Thea Mayanja Nabukeera.

Emmanuel was a name that belonged to Weasel’s fallen brother AK47, whose real name was Emmanuel Mayanja but he was brutally killed in a city bar and since Weasel loved him so much, it shouldn’t be surprising that he has named his son after him.

Below are some of the photos of the newly born child:

Emmanuel Mayanja, Weasel’s Child
Thea Mayanja carrying Emmanuel Mayanja, Weasel’s Children