“We are not free at all”- A Pass cries out for Bobi Wine

Musicians Bobi Wine and A Pass protest against OTT
Bobi Wine and A Pass protest against OTT

Singer Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass has on Sunday 22nd April come out to speak about his fellow musician MP Bobi Wine’s torture by the Uganda police affirming that these acts manifest that Uganda as a country is not free for all but a section of previlleged people.

Upon arriving in Busabala, where Bobi Wine was supposed to hold a press conference after the police stopped his concert, water spraying and teargassing immediately begun to neutralize a procession that has been trailing hence the arrest of the Kyadondo East legislator.

Through his social media Facebook platform, the ‘Didadada’ singer has expressed his dissatisfaction at the way the Uganda police is suffocating the entertainment industry mention MP Bobi Wine to earn a living with impunity.

He has stated that Bobi Wine should be granted to hustle for a living since its his constitutional right despite the fact that he is subscribed to a different political beliefs.

” Bobi Wine ”
As a Ugandan not as a musician, I think everyone should have a right to work and feed his or her own family but I don’t think this applies to Bobi Wine and for me this is not right. You refuse a man to hold shows at all cost and even when he wants to make a press conference to address the issue you stop that from happening as well. This is not a free Uganda for all, in my opinion, it’s free for some that are not ready to challenge the system. This is not the Uganda that we want, somethings must change. ”We do not have to agree on everything but let me express myself as long as am not violent #FreeBobiWine,” stated singer A Pass.

It must be remembered that recently, events promoter and NRM ruling party die hard Balaam Baruhagara warns Bobi Wine of encountering disappointments in carrying out his music performances not until he hits state house, kneel down and apologize President Museveni for the constant insults and jibes he has been always throwing at him.