VIDEO: Sheebah Karungi finally reveals when she’s giving birth

Sheebah Karungi

TNS singer Sheebah Karungi has finally opened up on when to give birth to her first child clearly asserting that she is now ready to be a mother after a long time.

The ‘Onkutudde’ singer made the big announcement during an emotional speech on her house warming party thereby assuring revelers that she had reasons why she she was shying away from serious men and marriage and mainly being the fact that she couldn’t withstand the shame of raising her kids in a single rented ‘Muzigo’ in Kawempe but given the accomplishment of her adorable nest, single and searching gents should eagerly warm up for her ‘sumbie’.

“I used to be ashamed of taking my friends to my home, but I promised myself that I would build a better house for my kids. This is it and now I think I’m ready,” The ‘Swagga mama’ ironically opened about her future motherhood plans.

Once pinned to be a lesbian who is interested in fellow women’s physical features, Sheebah Karungi’s revelation last night was one in a million telling it whole that hook or crook, she isn’t ready to become a spinster but a mother so soon.

Watch the video of Sheebah’s confession below.