VIDEO: Rema Finally reveals who she’s talking about in “Sili Muyembe”

Rema Namakula
Rema Namakula

As controversy continues to raise throughout this week after the release of a blockbuster love melody by songstress Rema Namakula, several allegations have been fronted by the public and different critics alleging that the Diva directed the message in the song to the husband one Eddy Kenzo.

Meanwhile, singer Rema has come out and cleared the air as well as trashing the talk about the song refuting clams that she was indirectly sending a message to Kenzo.

Rema has asserted that she is particularly not the original composer and that she bought the song from Mugerwa who had contacted her on several occasions about selling to her the song which she later acknowledged and bought after valuing and appreciating the idea in it.

She further added that the message in the song maybe interpreted and some how perceived differently but its not directed to Kenzo rather an idea about the entire audience and music lovers.

The song that has only spent a few days after release has quickly gained and picked shape due to different perception from the public following the singer’s marriage position and the entertainment industry.

Remah equally has affirmed that she can not be in full control of her husband regardless of the profession but only can influence him about the better upbringing of the children and family.

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