VIDEO: City socialite Don Bahati cleans money out of swimming pool

Don Bahati Lubega cleans money out of swimming pool

Recently arrested in Zambia city tycoon and socialite Don Bahati is back in Uganda ready for his Money and Gold annual party and he has hyped it up in style by parading off money as he cleans it out of the swimming pool.

Known for always splashing big money in Kampala whenever December comes in, Don Bahati Lubega has this time around come back in style, trashing away dollars of money.

Don Bahati was on December 28th 2017 crowned as the new president of the Dons with the Money and Power themed party in Guvnor and is famously remembered for challenging Bryan White to reveal his actual source of his money.

Don Bahati
Don Bahati

Watch Video of Bahati cleaning money out of the swimming pool: