VIDEO: Anjagala remix – Maro Ft. Feffe Busi

Anjagala - Feffe-Bussi ft Maro

Trending Rapper Feffe Bussi has jumped onto Ronald Maro’s hit song dubbed ‘Anjagala’ and released a remix of it which has now been released together with the official music video which we already have here for you.

The new hit lined up for release is titled, Anjagala, a love song that is blessed with Maro’s catchy vocals and Feffe’s hoarse rap. The “Who is Who’ battle hardened soldier has been dropping singles which have not been doing well.

“Anjagala” which means “She loves me” is a Luganda love song that was produced by Zuli Tums at Maro’s Volume Up records. The music video was directed by Chocolate Filmz.

Watch the video below:

Anjagala Lyrics – Maro Uganda