VIDEO: Abdul Mulaasi Caught Red-Handed Having S3X With Married Woman in a Car

Abdul Mulaasi
Abdul Mulaasi

Information getting to our news desk indicates that Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Mulaasi is in hot soup after he was caught red handed in a hotel as he was mining the oils from someone’s wife’s wells along Namirembe road.

This was all started by the women who we did not establish her name but the whole thing was characterized by her sending him first WhatsApp voice notes telling him how his songs are good for her.

In reply to her messages, Abdul Mulaasi appreciated the complement and she moved on to tell him how she wants him to sing for her live and if possible they take the thing to another level. Abdul never hesitated and told her to be patient he would let her know when to meet her for the ‘next level’ issue.



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