Truly A Chameleon: Jose fails to settle in one political party

Jose Chameleone

Politician turned singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has come out to reveal his true picture asserting that he isn’t ready to transform from his past ways as a ‘chameleon’.

Ever since he announced joining the opposition Democratic Party from the ruling National Resistance Movement, the Leone Island Music Empire CEO has been encountering a lot of criticism from opposition members mention Mukono Municipality legislator, Hon. Betty Nambooze who came out recently to question the way the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ singer who says now he wants to replace Ssalongo Erias Lukwago as the Kampala Lord Mayor was admitted in DP yet he is a well known traiter.

For starters, one has to remember that the ‘Tatizo’ singer way back announced that he had crossed over to Islam before he could later return back to the Catholic Church no wonder he is considered to be a real mole capable of molesting and destroying his new opposition political party.

Surpringly, it is evident that the ‘Atakoga Atagejja’ has no onus to prove that his chameleon thing will end in the music industry given the styles of dressing he is donning these days.

Our papparazi managed to snipe up the later dressed in NRM, DP, and People Power political colours to emphasize the point that he is no politician but born and will always be a ‘chameleon’.

Let’s watch the space.