Thinking the Future: Spice Diana Building a Second House (Photos)

Spice Diana with her grand mother at the new house

Spice Diana, real name Namukwaya Diana, is seriously not yet ready to rest as she is doing everyuthing possible to see that she gets on top of her game and the latest news Blizz Uganda has got is that she building her second house, one she has dedicated to her grandmother.

While celebrating mother’s day a few days ago, Spice Diana paraded off a new house, exptd to be another mansion in her name that she is building for her grandmother apart from her own mansion we recently showed you here is is building along Salaama road.

With the money acquired, most Ugandan celebrities blow it up with their expensive lifestyles and forget to invest or even take care of their families. The songstress, after building her own house, is financing the construction of her grandmother’s house in Kiboga.

Check out the photos below:

Spice Dian with her grand mother at the new house