The Untold Story Of How Ashburg Katto ‘Kidnapped’ Himself
Ashburg Katto

At the beginning of this month, reports came out that Firebase Army proprietor and Bobi Wine’s close friend Ashraf Kato, commonly known as Ashburg Katto had gone missing with claims of being kidnapped but now our crew has been tipped off with the true story of what happened.

According to our source, who preferred anonymity for identity, Blizz Uganda has received information that Ashburg Katto was never kidnapped by any government officials as he (the Facebook blogger) claims.

After his alleged kidnap, Ashburg came out to his Facebook page and put up a post narrating the situation they had been put through, he also went to his page of Ghetto TV and shared a video narrating the situation he had allegedly been put through by his kidnappers which included; torture, intimidation, and sweet talking just to get information out of him.

However, Blizz Uganda sources claim otherwise, we have instead been alerted that Ashburg kidnapped himself just to secure himself from the mistrust he had created with other Firebase members (Bobi Wine supporters.)

“Ashburg was paid a huge amount of money by government officials to give them some information about Bobi Wine which he did but when Firebase members got to know about it, they put him in a hardtime of explaining why he had done it so to save himself, he kidnapped himself, switched off his phone for 5days and went into hiding.

He came back only to claim that he was put through alot by his kidnappers whose faces he didnt see but claims were government officials that needed information about Bobi Wine, how cam you be kidnapped and tortured and come back without a single scratch on your body? He is just lying to protect himself,” a source revealed.

We are yet to get to the bottom of this story as we have also been alerted that Police asked Ashburg to present himself and give a statement of where he was since a police case of kidnap had been opened up by concerned people in those days he was missing.