The Life Of The Talented Singer Lyto Boss – Video Interview

Lyto Boss interview with Blizz Uganda
Lyto Boss interview with Blizz Uganda

As he premiered his latest song called “Muwaane”, singer Lyto Boss, real names Derrick Katongole passed by our reporters who got an exclusive interview with him and he talked about a few things about his private life and everything going on in the music industry of Uganda.

Lyto Boss took us through his childhood life including the schools he attended as a young boy, where he grew up from up-to his professional career he is currently running for the star musician he is today.

Even though the main focus was to get to know him deeper than most of his fans know, Lyto Boss did not fail to also give us his opinion about different issues going on in the Entertainment industry of Uganda including the 7 year old rapper Fresh Kid and musicians joining politics.

Watch the full Lyto Boss interview below:

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