Tamale Mirundi Exposes the Farters, Launches “Abanyampi” Book

Tamale Mirundi while lauching his new book - Abanyampi

Motor mouthed political analyst and former Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has on Tuesday launched his new book dubbed “abanyampi”.

“Abanyampi” a term that literally meaning people who usually pass out gas as a normal part of digestion that reflects the activity of a bacteria in one’s gut was singled out by Mutabana wa Yowana Mirundi and Molly Namatovu’ to describe people who take blame for the wrongs their masters have done.

According to the concealed research done by Tamale Mirundi, influential figures within the government have for long been exploiting their juniors to carry the cross for their wrong doings and it is high time that he had to expose them through his book “Abanyampi”.

He has launched the book after his weekly ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi show’ that is often aired on NBSTV and revelers are now free to hit the various book centers to pick a copy of theirs so as to know more about the so called scavengers in government agencies.