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Zahara Totto Speaks Out About Her Boyfriend Being Among FBI's Most Wanted Thieves

A few days ago Blizz Uganda investigative team unveiled how media personality Zahara Totto's boyfriend Suleman is a renown wanted fugitive and now she has opened up about it all.Now Zahara Totto durin

Celebrity Gossip

EXPOSED: Zahara Totto's Boyfriend Wanted For Robbery in Australia, Shocking Proof

Latest reports Blizz Uganda is receiving from trusted sources state how media personality Zahara Totto's new boyfriend Suleman Toni Taban is wanted for robbery in Australia.Nigerian conman Tony Taban

Celebrity Gossip

Zahara Totto survives jail after her boyfriend Toni failing to pay for their b0nking pad at Skyz Hotel (Screenshots)

Latest news coming through to Blizz Uganda desks indicates how media personality Zahara Totto survived jail after her Nigerian boyfriend failing for their hotel room at Skyz Hotel Naguru.Blizz Uganda

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