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Chosen Becky Looses All Her Social Media Pages to 'Hackers', Back to Zero

New mother and singer Chosen Becky is back to square one after loosing all her social media paged to hackers including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. According to Rebecca Kwikiriza aka Chosen Be

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Sheebah Karungi Doomed: Her Twitter Account Hacked and Stolen

Team No Sleep Queen, Sheebah Karungi is currently doomed after her Twitter account getting hacked into and stolen by merciless stalkers. Sheebah has expressed her deep worry as she has no clue of w

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How Tik-Tok Uses Your Personal Data to Track You Allover the Internet, Uninstall or Keep?

During these desperate times, many Ugandans and people allover the world have resorted to Tik Tok,mobile App, known for its quirky 15-second videos but is your data and personal privacy safe? A few


Judith Heard's Facebook Page Hacked, Now In Tears and Agony

Ugandan socialite and model Judith Heard, Nalongo is currently in tears after her Facebook Page being hacked by mysterious people that are using it for terrible acts. The mother of twins has taken

Finance & Business

What is "Kikuubo Online" and How Does It Work? Find Out Here

Many of us are always looking out for the cheaper options when buying goods. The place known to many people is “Kikuubo” where you will get products at relatively cheap prices. Kikuubo serves as t


“We shall arrest you for posting nonsense on Facebook”- Uganda Police

You can now be arrested for the comment you make on FB, take note of it. Police has today warned the public through their official communication about Kabuleta’s arrest.This is to inform the public

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