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"You've been crucified cause of our love, thank you for being our bullet proof"- Rema thanks Muzaata

During her traditional wedding aka Kwanjula ceremony, singer Rema Namakula got down on her knees and thanked Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata for accepting to be cricified and standing infront of all bullets just

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"Don't blame Kenzo, system is volongoto thats why i can never apologize"- Sheikh Muzaata

Preaching to a congregation that gathered up for Today's Juma Prayers in a Mosque, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata fired more bullets but this time around trying to defend Eddy Kenzo.Even though Eddy Kenzo has be


"How Can a Big Man Like Muzaata Refuse to Say 'Sorry'?"- Kenzo Continues to Weep

Eddy Kenzo is not yet satisfied, even after asking his fans to cease fire, he has come out and again and showed how much disappointed he is.Through his Facebook page, Eddy Kenzo has put up another pos

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"These people want to kill me, they are Mafias taking advantage of Rema"- Eddy Kenzo continues to pour out heart

Continuing to break down, singer Edrisa Musuuza has spit dirty secrets about Dr Hamza Ssebunya's "Family", the people who showed up during his and Rema Namakula's Kukyala Ceremony pretending to be par

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Eddy Kenzo Leaks His Sweet WhatsApp Conversation with Rema, All Screenshots Here

Below his battle with Sheikh Nooh Muzaata ends, singer Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has now leaked his private WhatsApp conversation with Rema Namakula confirming that he had left her two years befor

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"Rema Must Return Kenzo's Mahr"- Islamic Leaders Order

Following Eddy Kenzo's viral video through which he announced that him and Rema Namakula are legally and Islamically married, now Islamic leaders have come out and advised her to return Kenzo's Mahr o

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Eddy Kenzo promises to face it rough with Muzaata when he comes back to Uganda

Famed singer Edirisa Musuuza Keno has shockingly revealed how ready he is to sleep in the open in protest to the Kibuli Muslim Sect PRO, Sheik Nuhu Muzaata's defaming statements.Its now turning out be

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"Am ready to die and follow my mom, No one loves me anymore"- Eddy Kenzo broken beyond repair

East African multi award winning artiste Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo has spoken about the ongoing concerns from his close friends and family about the current situation he is enduring thereby advising them

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"Am so tortured, how can he call me gay infront of the camera"- Eddy Kenzo to never perform again in Uganda

Here are the Reasons why Eddy Kenzo is Quitting Ugandan Stage Performances until Sheik Muzaata Withdraws Torturing Statements."I'm so tortured by Sheik Muzaata's comments concerning me sleeping with m

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