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"Am going to sue that Nalongo unless she provides proof"- Eddy Kenzo comes out of his shell (VIDEO)

Late singer AK47's baby mama, Nalongo Maggie will have to prove the fact that famed singer Eddy Kenzo is a bumshafter or else face the law for defamation as the singer has just confirmed to Blizz

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ASHAMED: Grenade apologizes about the leaking of his bedroom secrets, fails to deny the allegations (Video)

Even though he doesn't deny being bum drilled by God's Plan's friends, Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize, ashamed singer Grenade Official has apologized to his fans and friends in this video clip.


Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out About Allegations Of Drilling Grenade's Bum in Dubai

Famed singer Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo is confident of overcoming the depressing kind of lifestyle he is living currently with all the ongoing rumors of having slept with singer Grenade Official while in

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SHOCKING AUDIO: Nalongo Maggie exposes how Grenade, Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize bum-shafted eachother in dubai

After dumping her few months lover, singer Grenade Official has now been exposed by Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi for having been bum-shufted while in Dubai with Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize a few weeks ago. She

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After Chewing Her Sumbie, Grenade Official Dumps the Bedridden Nalongo Maggie

Singer Grenade Official has dumped his few months girlfriend, the late singer AK47's widow Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi who is also in a poor condition and nurseing a serious illness in hospital. The

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Grenade Official Opens Up About His Love For AK47's Kids, Unbelievable (VIDEO)

Former Team No Sleep singer Grenade Official has come out and revealed his undying love for late singer AK47's children as he is now dating their mother Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi.Even though Grenade also

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AK47's Widow Nalongo Maggie Reportedly Pregnant For 22year Old Singer Grenade Official

Latest news Blizz Uganda has received from our sources indicate how singer Grenade Official, real names Ndugwa Deus is currently expecting a child with late singer AK47's widow Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi.

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