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Former NTV Presenter Robin Kisti Lands a New Juicy TV Deal

Former NTV Uganda Login Presenter Robinah Nambooze alias Robin Kisiti is finally back on TV with Channel U Television. Channel U Television is a new channel that broadcasts East African content by

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"You look like alost clown in those borrowed clothes"- Zahara Totto attacks Lynda Ddane

NBS TV's Lugambo Queen Zahara Totto has added more salt in the injury by questioning the fans idiotic comparison of her TV hustle to that of NTV Uganda's Lynda Ddane who she alleges is just a


Over pressurized NBS TV Messes Up: Uses 'All Lives Matter' instead of 'Black Lives Matter' slogan

The pressure between NBS TV and NTV is surely becoming unhealthy after NBS crew last evening showed up dressed in "All Lives Matter" T-Shirts, a slogan used by people who are against "B

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"Be Shameless, You've Worked on TV For 20 Years but Still Renting"- Justine Shames Faridah

Could Faridah Nakazibwe also be earning aka 50k per news anchoring? Justine Nameere, a former NTV employee has bursted her bubble by spilling all her secrets in this viral video. In a very long vid

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SHOCKING: How NTV Top Officials Paid Robin Kisti to Abuse Sheila Gashumba, All Top Secrets Leak

A Top Secret file has leaked exposing how two of top directors of NTV Uganda are allegedly paying millions to Robin Kisti to launch a battle on Sheila Gashumba to silence her accusations. According

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Trigger Happy Gangster Raised Robin Kisti Pulls Out a Gun on Sheila Gashumba

The social media feud between media personalities Robinah Nambooze alias Robin Kisiti and Sheila Carol Gashumba has changed course as the trigger-happy Kisiti has vowed to end the Lil Stunner's li

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"Thank You NBS TV"- Jose Chameleone Makes a Blunder Live On NTV (VIDEO)

The producer of NTV Saturday Dance Party should be by now still uncertain of his or her job for allowing legendary singer, Jose Chameleone hand their rivals, NBS TV a less fought for battle victory la


"We musicians are suffering because of the ka 50k you pay your workers"- Eddy Kenzo bashes TV Stations

Famed singer Edirisa Musuuza alias Kenzo has added salt in the injury by supporting the controversial Sheila Gashumba argument of TV stations exploiting their presenters with 50K peanut salaries leadi

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Is Sheila Gashumba Joining NBS Television? Former NTV Employee Raises Questions

After bashing NTV and all media houses that pay peanuts to their workers, Sheila Gashumba surprised many when she appeared on NBS TV's SNL. The Saturday Night Live (SNL) show originally hosted


"Every Ugandan is less paid and affected, It's not only you"- Yvonne Star fires at Sheila Gashumba

Following Sheila Gashumba's rant over NTV Uganda's salary sheet, singer Yvonne Starr has also fired back to the former presenter turned house wife. Yvonne Starr, an actress, songwriter, and


"NTV is so stingy, they never sponsored any of my trips abroad"- Sheila Gashumba reveals

Media personality and fashionista Sheila Carol Gashumba has reignited the "50K" peanut salary debate by refuting allegations that her former employees, NTV Uganda used to inject money in her

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Frank Gashumba Banned From Appearing On Any TV Station

Different Media Houses in Uganda have joined forces and agreed never to host again the Motor mouthed Frank Malimungu Gashumba on their TV stations. According to info we have received, different med

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Buka Chimey Brags About Chewing Lynda Ddane's Sumbie, Narrates The 'Bedroom 'Sweetness

'Beer After Beer' hit singer Buka Chimey has come out and bragged about chewing NTV presenter Lynda Ddane's Sumbie. He has narrated the sweetness. Buka Chimey through his new song with

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"You're Broke You Can't Feed Me, I'll Never Apologize"- Zahara Totto to Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah Nakazibwe and Zahara Totto's fight has taken a new twist after the NBS TV star slipped her tongue on a hot stove promising to never spologize to a broke fella. Zahara Totto promised she


"Stop wearing cheap Owino outfits on TV"- Faridah Nakazibwe goes bare knuckles

"Be classy and stop wearing Owino mivumba" Faridah Nakazibwe checks Zahara Totto's wardrobe. Last weekend's music battle mix between two top local Television powerhouses, NBS TV a


"The same money I pay my maid is what NTV pays to Bettina and Sylvia Owori"- Sheila Gashumba

"My house help earns the same money I was being paid monthly by Style Project monthly" Sheila Gashumba. Disgruntled socialite and fashionista Sheila Carol Gashumba is not yet done as far


"50k Per Show is Enough For a Masaka Kid Like Me"- Crysto Panda Replies Sheila Gashumba

NTV's T-nation presenter Kitya Muweesi Herbert alias Crysto Panda has scoffed at media personality and fashionista Sheila Carol Gashumba who came out to attack her former bosses at Nation Media Gr


"You Can't Afford Me, I Am Priceless"- Faridah Nakazibwe Trashes NBS TV Job Offer

Just like how they always do it, NBS TV tried lurring NTV Uganda's humble Faridah Nakazibwe but she has trashed their offer. The NTV Akawungezi Luganda News anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has turned


"NTV used to pay me 1M per month and 100K per week"- Sheila Gashumba exposes former bosses at NTV

Former NTV The Beat Host and NTV Style Project show, Sheila Carol Gashumba has exposed all the dirt NTV employees to through with peanut salaries. Sheila has exposed NTV for the time she was workin

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Lynda Ddane Opens Up About Her Wedding and Crazy Things She's to Do

NTV and Radiocity presenter Lynda Ddane has opened up about her wedding with the man of her dreams and how she wants everything to be. The selfstyled model and acress, Lynda Ddane has come out thro

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Ugandan Model Bettinah Tiana to Sue New York Bar For Using Her Picture to Attract Customers

NTV Style Project host and model Bettinah Tiana who recently confessed has never eaten a Rolex before has revealed how she is going to sue a New York based Bar for using her picture without her permis

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"If Kenzo says he married me, let him show you our marriage certificate"- Rema Namakula

Replying back to former lover Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo's allegations of officiating his bonking with Rema Namakula, the "Siri Muyembe" singer has dared her baby daddy to show off th

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VIDEO: Full Figure Spills Bitter Secrets, Reveals Why She Quit From People Power

Controversial singer turned politician Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure has finally revealed why she left the famous now political wave known as the 'People Power'.Once a strong supporter of the

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Nasty Wh0pper War Erupts Out Between NTV's Tinah Teise and City Slay Queen Ariana Kasyata

There is a wh0oper war going on between renowned city slayers NTV Uganda's Tinah Tesie and Ariana Kasyata that is likely to attract spiritual intervention for it to be cooled down.Accordingly, the NTV


Reasons Why Sheila Nduhukire Dumped NTV and Shifted to NBS Television

Former National Media Group(NMG) seasoned news anchor/reporter Sheila Nduhukire is finally "NBSAlways" after joining the Next Media's NBSTV on Friday 1st November.The soft speaking multi-skilled TV pe

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Why Drunk NBS TV's MC Isaac Attacked NTV's Crysto Panda, He Has Now Apologized

Under pressure MC Isaac of the famous NBS Katch Up weekly TV show has bowed to the too much pressure from musicians and close pals and apologised to the NTV Uganda Tnation presenter for attacking him


Sheikh Umar Reveals His Source Of Income, It’s Unbelievable

So many people have always been wondering who Sheikh Umar Kamoga is but now we have gotten facts about him about his Biography, who Sheikh Umar is, where he gets his money from and why he is always he

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