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Fille's Cousin Faith Sleeps with MC Kats, She Leaks the Tape On Social Media (VIDEO)

Singer Fille Mutoni's cousin known as Faith Ntaborwa recorded her self while sleeping with and chewing MC Kats's big cassava. Now she has leaked the tape on social media. After eating MC Ka


2 School Boys Recorded 'Chewing’ a Female Student In Class at Same Time, Video Leaks

The moral decorum in secondary schools has completely degenerated to an all time low as recent videos making waves on the internet confirms the high rate of indiscipline. In this latest video we ch


Spice Diana's n#de video shocks the Nation, thousands disappointed after seeing her with a girl

Fans and followers of musician Spice Diana are over the moon after the alleged surfacing of her n#de video currently making around on social media especially Facebook and differen WhatsApp groups.

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Girl Recorded B0nking Her Uncle Commits Suicide, Leaves Behind Heartbreaking Letter

Patrick Ayoyi who is being held at a Kericho Police Station was found unconscious in his cell on Sunday in what is described as a suicide attempt, according to police records and the girl who was alle


City Socialite Connie Brown Sugar's S3xtape Leaks, Full Video Here

Black and White Party CEO Connie Birungi aka Brown Sugar's secret bedroom video showing her being chewed has leaked and left many shocked. The video of Brown Sugar busy enjoying and chewing cas

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