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Grenade Official Eyes Pia Pounds' Juicy Sumbie, Starts Pumping in Work

After singer Grenade Official reportedly chewing Zari Hassan's sumbie, now the super musimi has changed his guns to former Big Talent singer Pia Pounds. Even though we are all still under a loc

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"Come and Chew Me"- Zari Seductively Calls Upon Grenade Official (Screenshots and Video)

Ageing socialite and business lady, Zarinah Tlale aka Zari Hassan aka Zari The Boss Lady has seductively called upon reknown city "musimi" Grenade official to drill through her sumbie in the

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No more hiding, Grenade and Zari Hassan's romance comes to Light as they confess (Video and Screenshots)

Ugandan musician  Deus Ndugga aka Grenade Official of Nkuloga and Zari Hassan aka The Boss Lady take their love to the next level as they confess deep feelings for each other through Instagram.

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A Gift From Zari Hassan? Grenade Leaves Fans Murmuring After Parading Off New Car

Amidst all rumors of him chewing city socialite Zari Hassan's well fried sumbie a few days ago when he was in the country, singer Grenade official has now paraded off a brand new car that has left

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Zari Hassan Hooks Up With Grenade Official, Their Romance Shocks Fans (KISSING VIDEO)

Singer Deus Nduggwa alias Grenade Official is turning out to be the state minister of working on old and widowed women and without doubt, he is executing his duties beyond doubt after this video clip

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Grenade Official Drags Alleged 'Boyfriend' Beyonce Max to Court For Defamation

Following nonstop allegations, singer Grenade Official has ran to law to help save him from Beyonce Max Jo's claims of chewing his cassave in a gay affair. According to exclusive info Blizz Uga

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Sheila Don Zella Narrates the Unknown Story of Grenade Official and How She Took Him to School

Singer Professor Big Eye ex-lover Nalongo Sheila Don Zella has opened up about her history and strong bonding with embattled singer Deus Nduggwa alias One Grenade Official revealing how she raised him

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"Am going to sue that Nalongo unless she provides proof"- Eddy Kenzo comes out of his shell (VIDEO)

Late singer AK47's baby mama, Nalongo Maggie will have to prove the fact that famed singer Eddy Kenzo is a bumshafter or else face the law for defamation as the singer has just confirmed to Blizz


He is still young; he is allowed to make mistakes- Patrick Salvado defends Grenade

Standup comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado has come up to defend the embattled 21 year old music star Grenade Official saying he is still young and his mistakes can be justified and pardoned. The man


Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out About Allegations Of Drilling Grenade's Bum in Dubai

Famed singer Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo is confident of overcoming the depressing kind of lifestyle he is living currently with all the ongoing rumors of having slept with singer Grenade Official while in

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Zari Hassan Speaks Out About Chewing Grenade Official's Big Cassava While in Dubai (Screenshot)

South African based Ugandan based socialite and business Lady Zari Hassan Tlale has refuted ongoing rumours allover the entire social media platforms alleging that she is currently servicing sharp sho

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Bebe Cool bitterly splits with band manager Josh Killar, he runs to Grenade Official for new job

The Gagamel Entertainment boss, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool had a nasty fight with his band manager Josh Kabuye aka Killar and the two split leaving Josh to run to Grenade.According to Blizz Uganda cred


Grenade to perform on One Africa Music Fest Dubai, thanks to Eddy Kenzo

Musician Grenade is set to perform on an international stage for the first time today on the One Africa Music Fest today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo above, Grenade with Nigerian star Tiwa S

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Grenade Official copies and pastes BB Zanda's 'Balabe' song in 'Amen', Both Songs Here

Rumor has been running around that singer Grenade Official stole BB Zanda's "Balabe" song and renamed it "Amen", but now we have gotten to the bottom of it all.People on social media have been claimin

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"Grenade and Sheila are still b0nking, they even f*cked in my apartment"- Amanda spills more secrets (VIDEO)

Singer Grenade Official came out and revealed how he used to chew Sheila Gashumba but now he moved on and dating Maggie Kaweesi but now Amanda has revealed that the two are still sleeping together.App

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Grenade Official Narrates Life Threatening Experience of How God's Plan Kidnaped Him on Gun Point

Former Team No Sleep singer Grenade Official has come out and narrated how God's Plan kidnapped Him for more than 5 hours and on gun point.Grenade was invited for an interview on NBS Television when h

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"Yes I Used To Chew Sheila's Sumbie"- Grenade Official Confirms (VIDEO)

For some days now, rumor has been going around on social media that singer Grenade Official used to chew city slayer and former TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba but now he has confirmed it.Appearing on a

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EXPOSED: How Sheila Gashumba, God's Plan and Grenade Official Had a 40 Minutes Threesome

Recently, a war erupted out between former TV presenter Sheila Carol Gashumba and her close friend Amanda after she reportedly slept with God’s Plan and also reports about Shela and God's Plan repor


Nkuloga Lyrics – Grenade Official

Read Nkuloga Lyrics by Grenade below:Intro:Ndi mulogoGrenade OfficialKomya obukodoRonnie on this oneVerse 1:Baby togufuula muze eh eh ehBy’onkola binzaaza mize eh eh ehWaakanjagala, naakeeyagalaGwe

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