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Is this the Man who came back to Uganda with the virus from Dubai? Unveiling the full Truth

A photo of a man wearing a mask at the airport standing with three other people has gone viral in Uganda with people claiming that he is the man in quarantine for bringing back the Virus from Dubai bu

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Did Russia Really Put 800 Lions and Tigers on Streets to Chase Away People? Whole Truth Here

A post has going viral allover social media claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin released 800 tigers and lions across the country's streets to force people inside but now the India Today

International Gossip

Is Mr Bean Really Dead? Truth Here

English Actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson who plays as Mr. Bean and Johnny English is not dead – but your computer might be if you clicked the fake news story about his untimely demise. A viral


Proof: How Kizza Besigye faked his swearing in ceremony with an edited fake video

On May11, 2016 Kizza Besigye and the whole FDC party claimed that he was sworn in as the president of Uganda, shortly before he was arrested. This was something interesting and challenging to Ugandan

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