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Bebe Cool Lays On Table His Budget For the 1.5Billion During the Amber Heart Foundation Press Conference

Gagamel International and Amber Heart Foundation have today (5th December 2019) announced what memorable year it has been for Bebe Cool as the Global Ambassador for Tuberculosis and what exactly he is


Bebe Cool Receives 1.5Billion From Donors in Vietnam to Fight Tuberculosis

On Nov 26th, 2019, Bebe Cool flew out of the country and went to Vietnam to where he was invited by TB Reach for a meeting about how he can be funded to fight against Tuberclosis as the Global Ambassa


Bebe Cool Flies Out to Vietnam to Meet Donors Over Charity Funds For Amber Heart Foundation

It’s now obvious, Bebe Cool’s generosity has paid off. Bebe Cool who two years ago was appointed a Global Tuberculosis (TB) Ambassador has been invited by TB Reach for a meeting in Vietnam

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