Sweden based Hon Segirinya’s sugar maama Goolixy spills dirty secrets (Age Restriction)

Hon Muhammed Segirinya and Goolixy

Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Councillor Hon. Mohammed Segirinya is again back in the headlines in a horizontal way after his Swedish based ex-maama Goolixy Curx leaking his bedroom secrets as he possesses a small physical feature like that of the common grass literally known as mukonzi konzi.

The revelation comes just days after the ‘Edoboozi lye Kyebando’ who is currently in Boston, USA hit his social media Facebook platform to talk about his relationship with the Swedish cougar where he affirmed not going deep with the later apart from being a mere friend given the fact that Goolixy is old enough to be his mother.

Mohammed Segirinya with Goolixy Curx
Mohammed Segirinya with Goolixy Curx

The furious Goolixy through a video clip posted on her social media Facebook platform has disclosed how she was tempted by Segirinya to consume her goodies undeservedly and now wonders why the Lord councillor is distancing himself from their past.

Goolixy claims Segirinya is such a weak boy in bed whose duty was only sucking her p@ssy as she volunteered with the rest of the sessions no wonder she is till now regretting sleeping with such a misfortune like Segirinya.

Watch the video below.