“Stop Blaming Government for your Problems”- Anita Fabiola

Anita Fabiola
Anita Fabiola

As millions of Ugandans cursed the day the government developed the idea of social media tax also known as OTT, city socialite and NBS TV ‘Katch Up’ presenter Anita Fabiola was busy upholding the infamous tax which raised alot of heat on her by her social media fans and followers.

Unlike other celebrities like A Pass, Lydia Jazmine and many more who are against the social media tax, Anita Fabiola thinks otherwise and supports the tax as this has triggered anger into her followers minds.

Dear Ugandans, please pay social media tax. Some of us brand ambassadors need your likes and comments for business😂😩…We can’t survive off 10 comments and 50 likes. We need you to stay online. Thanks.. In other news, a brand new episode of “The Fabiola Podcast” is uploaded on @afripods and your favorite show @nbskatchup is going to be lit this week. Thank you MTN Uganda for the #mtnpulse movement.

Below is Fabiola’s tweet:


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